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Along The Line: A rapid-fire, theatrical response to a specific moment in history. Along The Line presents a collective community consciousness in very, very short plays submitted by KC playwrights and theatre devisers. Submissions are time-based, cued by a prompt, and submitted for Fishtank's use in live readings, curated collections, and online use (podcasts, presentation, etc.)


1. Respond to the prompt writing a very, very short play

( something that can be read in less than 90 seconds)

2. Be Brief, to the point, start paly at the boiling point

3. Keep it technically simple (no lights or sound cues)

4. Be honest

5. Be Brave - you are recording this moment in history and how it impacts you. 

6. Read the consent form. By providing your information, you are allowing the free use of your work.

Thanks! Message sent.

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